hi, it's been a while...

Oh how I've neglected you. It's been a varied summer; some great, travelly stuff & some very sad stuff too, but hey, I'm back. Did you miss me?? Didn't think so!

I've been tweaking a few techy bits here & there. Here being, well, here on the blog. There being Facebook, Twitter and of course the Get Smitten website. More on all of those things later... although you can see a little of my handywork down there on the right. I installed a couple of gadgets to combine all my social network 'thingies' in one place. Yay for the 21st Century!

The plan is to choose my words carefully. I don't think I have it in me to update these things several times per day (how DO those people fit everything into their day?) and so I'm thinking once a week will suffice. Any thoughts on that? hmmm

p.s - I will eventually post something with pics!

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